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Career services

The Expertise Cosmetology Institute is committed to providing students with the resources needed to begin successful careers upon graduation.  Prior to graduation, a personalized portfolio is developed for every pre-graduate.  It consists of the tools required to help students market themselves and ensure they are “salon-ready” once they are licensed.


Upon completion of the required hours and requirements for selected program, each Expertise Cosmetology Institute student receives a certificate of completion from Expertise Cosmetology Institute.  On-campus resources are available to assist with job placement upon graduation.


In less than one year, graduates can choose from any of these exciting careers:


● Beauty Product Distributor Manufacturer

● Beauty Magazine Writer/Editor

● Cosmetology School Instructor

● Esthetician

● Hair Color Specialist

● Hair Designer

● Image Consultant

● Make-up Artist

● Photo and Movie Stylist

● Platform Artist

● Salon or Day Spa Owner




Expertise Cosmetology Institute provides career preparation in cosmetology arts and science, trains and prepares students for the State Board Examination and facilitates licensed graduates to obtain employment in the cosmetology field.  We have separate classrooms for theory and practical instruction.


AESTHETICIAN: Artistic Director, Cosmetic Chemist, Make-up Artist, Platform Artist technician, Esthetician for Spa or Salon, Demonstrator, Sales Representative


COSMETOLOGY: Salon Owner, Salon Stylist, Hair Color Specialist, Texture Service Specialist, Wig or Extension Specialist, Retail Specialist, Skin Care Specialist, Hair Stylist, Day Spa Stylist, Salon Manager, Product Educator, State Board Member, Accreditation Specialist, Cosmetic Chemist, Platform Artist, Instructor, Nail Technologist


HAIR DESIGN: Salon Owner, Platform Artist, Educator, Salon Manager, Hair Stylist for Movie Stars, Texture Service Specialist


NAIL TECHNOLOGY: Salon Owner; Platform Artist; Educator and Manager of Nail Salon


TEACHER TRAINING: Cosmetology Instructor, School Owner, Lead Instructor, Supervisor, Manager

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