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EXPERTISE HEERF Student 45-Update Reporting as of September 30, 2021, CLICK HERE.

EXPERTISE HEERF Quarterly Reporting as of October 21, 2021, CLICK HERE.


to the website for Expertise Cosmetology Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our STELLA LAKE Campus is a state of the art, eleven thousand (11,000) square foot, facility offers comprehensive training for the next generation of beauticians.  The STELLA LAKE Campus offers offer courses in Cosmetology, Hair Design, Nail Technology, Aesthetics, and Teacher Certification. 


We recently opened a second location, Expertise Cosmetology Institute LAKE MEAD Campus. The LAKE MEAD Campus offers courses in both Barbering and Cosmetology;


Expertise Cosmetology Institute equips its students with knowledge to thrive in the barbering and salon environments, post-graduation.  Upon completing their coursework students will have a comprehensive knowledge of state regulations, have a thorough understanding of the ‘Business of the Salon’, and be knowledgeable in regards to the latest trends in the beauty industry, all while being able to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.  


Financial Aid is available for those that qualify.  Take the next step to secure a brighter future and speak with a member of our team, today.


Members of the community are encouraged to patronize The Expertise Salon, a full-service salon located here, on-campus.  Our Salon Services Team offer exceptional services at affordable rates, provided by advanced level students, while closely supervised by licensed professional educators.

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