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“Our graduates are known to represent a standard that exceeds expectations.  Many of them move on to lucrative careers in professional resorts, open their own salons, or become creative platform artists.  Our goal is to show our graduates that anything is possible.” 


Gwen Braimoh | Director of Instruction



At the center of Expertise Barbering Program’s philosophy stands the pillar of education.  Across every facet of the brand, our aim is to upgrade the industry one Barber at a time.  What sets us apart is our ability to give insider access to the world of barbering.  With over 18 years of experience, we exceed the Cosmetology Industry standard as leaders and will set new standards for Barbers while making exceptional education available.  Expertise Cosmetology Institute has established a significant presence leading the hairdressing industry in education, innovation, and artistic excellence and our barbering program will be the same.


The Expertise Barbering Program consists of 1500 clock hour of technical instruction and practical operations.  The technical instruction means by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination; practical operations mean the actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person or on a mannequin performing a practical operation.  The technical instructions and practical training shall include the hours stated under the curriculum.


The structured barbering classes at Expertise Cosmetology Institute will teach students discuss theory and begin developing their skills.  They are taught to approach barbering and client work creatively by becoming technically proficient in men’s and women’s barbering techniques, haircutting, hair coloring, and learning how to combine techniques.  In addition to these technical skills, soft skills (like client relations) are also part of the barbering curriculum. Our focus is to educate our students on how to be able to fill any salon request.


What you’ll learn in Expertise Barbering Institute 43 week Barber Training Program:

• Hair cutting, styling, & advance techniques

• Design techniques

• Scientific aspects of barbering

• Chemicals & treatments

• Industry related business fundamentals

• Skincare treatment for men

• Sanitation procedures and safety guidelines for all aspects of hair and skin treatments,     as well as, shaving and bear maintenance

• Perform salon services in a friendly, competent, and professional manner


At Expertise Barbering Program, we know that real-world experience often leads to real-world success for our aspiring hair industry professionals.  Therefore, delivering hands-on hair services to salon clients in a true salon environment is such a large part of our barbering program.

Our barbering school provides the best in barbering techniques and skills to give our graduates the tools they need to succeed in the barbering business.  Upon graduation, our barbering students will be equipped to pass the state board exam and earn a barbering license.


An applicant may enroll in the programs after the successful completion of:

• Meet admission requirements

• Sign a contract/enrollment agreement with the school

• Obtain a class start date

• All requirements must be met prior to the beginning of the class



535 E. Lake Mead Boulevard | N. Las Vegas, NV  89030

(702) 399-3894

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