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Nail Technology can be exciting, fulfilling and a highly creative choice for a career.  Students choosing the Expertise Cosmetology Institute Nail Technology Program receive approximately six hundred (600) hours (18 weeks) of instruction in combined theory and practical application.  This program is focused on the structure and composition of nails, manicures, pedicures, polishing, acrylic nails, silk wrap, nail art, hand, forearm, feet and lower leg massage and much more. Students receive training in all State Board required subjects and complete the program with confidence and proficiency.


Coursework in the Nail Technology Program includes:


●  Safety & Sanitation

●  Massage

●  Manicuring

●  Pedicures

●  Wraps and Extensions

●  Nail Art & Design


To learn about costs and get more information on our programs call (702) 636-8686 and schedule a consultation. 

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