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The Expertise Cosmetology Institute is one of a handful of schools participating in the Milady’s Business Fundamentals partnership program.  Through this program, we add a 12-week business training course to our existing student curriculum.  In addition to getting theory and practical hands on experience their selected field, our students also receive a “leading-edge” business skills curriculum.


The systems taught in Business Fundamentals are time-tested and proven methods used successfully by salon and spa professionals.  This program provides students with the tools top professionals use to attract clientele, increase sales, and grow their income.  This ensures that Expertise Cosmetology graduates are prepared for immediate success as they practice and perfect the skills needed to excel in this industry.

Introducing the Latest Edition of Milady
Standard Business Fundamentals

To learn about costs and get more information on our programs call (702) 636-8686 and schedule a consultation.  

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