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The Expertise Cosmetology Institute Cosmetology Program requires approximately eighteen hundred (1600) hours of instruction in combined theory and application.   This course teaches hair beautification, cleansing and stimulating the scalp, hair cutting, hair color, chemical relaxing, perms, braiding, hair removal, pressing, flat ironing, styling, manicures, pedicures, facials, skin care, and artificial nail application.


This is the most popular and comprehensive program that Expertise Cosmetology Institute offers.  Graduates in this program who successfully pass the Nevada State Board Examination have options in a variety of successful beauty related fields.


The Cosmetology Program includes coursework in:


●  Blow Drying

●  Extensions and Wrapping Nails

●  Facial, Arching, Skin and Make-up

●  Finger Waving

●  Hair Coloring

●  Hair Cutting

●  Manicuring

●  Pedicures

●  Permanent Waving and Chemical Straightening

●  Salon Management

●  Scalp Treatment

●  Shampooing & Rinses

●  Thermal Straightening, Curling and Marcelling

●  Wet Hair Dressing

●  Braids and Extensions

●  Business Development


To learn about costs and get more information on our programs call (702) 636-8686 and schedule a consultation.

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